A programmable computer and electronics workstation, the FUZE, with FUZE BASIC, is an ideal platform for learning and teaching computational thinking and computer programming and provides a safe environment to experiment with simple electronics.


The FUZE is powered by Raspberry Pi (RPi), together they allow programming and electronics to be introduced in an engaging, motivational and best of all, fun package, in schools and at home.

The FUZE was born out of a passion for programming and a love of electronics. It’s design and application grew from introducing family members, aged 7 to 17, to BASIC programming on a BBC Micro from the 1980’s; playing simple games and writing small programs.

FUZE_BASIC_LOGOFUZE BASIC, a highly advanced and modernised version of the programming language widely accepted as the easiest to learn and teach, is included, preconfigured and ready-to-run,
it opens up a world of opportunities to schools and anyone who would like to learn how to program.


Raspberry_LogoFate played a part in the development of FUZE with the release of the Raspberry Pi (RPi). The FUZE shields the RPi protecting it from electronic shorting, static and physical damage at the same time as providing an ideal platform for learning to program and an exceptionally safe environment to experiment with simple electronics.



The interactive electronics components kit provides a vast array of jumper cables/wires, resistors, LED’s, micro switches and sensors. Analogue sensors are included to allow programming with variable control, bringing real world applications to the forefront and offering a world of exciting and accessible learning opportunities.


The FUZE launched in 2013 and in 2014 was nominated a BETT Finalist in ICT tools for teaching and learning.  BETT is the world’s largest education technology event.

In September 2014 English schools will need to meet the requirements of the new National Curriculum for computer programming. This aims to provide a high-quality computing education and to equip pupils to use computational thinking and computer programming creativity to understand and maybe change the world!


To assist teachers meet the needs of the new curriculum the FUZE comes with compliant lesson plans and FUZE BASIC Projects cards allowing the curriculum to be implemented quickly and without any previous programming experience.  Please see the Education pages for further details.